APE2211A – Senior application developer ( Python / SQL / QGIS )


Born out of Oslandia’s OpenLog consortium, Apeiron is an uplifting OpenSource software (OSS) development startup dedicated to Geology and Mining GIS applications.

We aim to disrupt the software METS market with fit-for-purpose OSS applications based on the overwhelmingly successful QGIS and PostgreSQL/PostGIS platforms.

Our engineer-oriented horizontal collaborative structure drives Apeiron’s values of transparency, inclusiveness, and excellence.

We look for

Apeiron is looking for its next senior application developer, in a 100% remote position. It is a technical position, but it also requires strong interpersonal skills.

You will be the lead developer at Apeiron for its product range, especially the OpenLog product. You will focus on application development, basing your work on the QGIS ecosystem, as well as PostgreSQL/PostGIS for the database part.

You will be involved in various aspects of Apeiron’s activities :

  • Discuss and establish the product roadmap with the General Manager and clients
  • Design and implement technical solutions to solve functional issues of the roadmap
  • Develop the products in Python, SQL
  • Work with external developers on part of the roadmap ( e.g. developers at Oslandia for core QGIS development )
  • Maintain Apeiron’s products
  • Provide training on Apeiron’s products
  • Assist our clients with our products
  • Help the sales team on technical questions
  • Interface with Oslandia’s developers

About you

You are experienced in Python development with a scientific background and premier database knowledge as well as SQL proficiency.

You know the principles of desktop GUI application development, especially based on Qt.

You have strong skills in application architecture.

You are familiar with OpenSource development principles, the agile methodology, and you are sensible to software quality ( tests, documentation…). You are a Linux daily-driver with the will to dip into Windows for tests and deployments.

You are open to share and participate in OpenSource conferences, locally and internationally.

You seek knowledge in geomatics and GIS, particularly with QGIS. We will be able to train you to complete your skills, should you not master these topics when onboarding.

What you’ll do

Operate under Apeiron’s general manager and domain expert and you may be in contact with our clients to obtain feedback and/or integrate their needs.

Collaborate extensively with the OpenSource GIS software community, especially with our sister company Oslandia for the purpose of QGIS and PostGIS core development.

Participates in Apeiron’s opensource products community management : interact with other developers and users, share technical views and present product capabilities.

Deliver training courses on tools and technologies we develop, this may require regular trips to/within France and abroad.

Required technical skills :

  • Mastering Python
  • Desktop GUI application development ( Qt )
  • Good knowledge of PostgreSQL/PostGIS, SQL and databases in general
  • Familiar with software quality tools ( tests, CI )
  • Master development tools and processes ( Git, GitLab…)
  • Know Linux systems, preferably Debian/Ubuntu based ( day-to-day use )
  • Know Windows OS ( target for our clients )

Nice extras :

  • OpenGL and 3D development
  • Mastering C++
  • Good grasp of scientific computing principles
  • GIS knowledge

The top of the line

  • QGIS and/or PostGIS end-user knowledge
  • QGIS plugin dev experience

Soft skills :

  • Good listening skills, integrity, and curiosity
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Know to commit self while preserving a good work/life balance
  • Maturity and reflection on career trajectory

A good level of English is required for this position.

We also expect from the future collaborator :

  • Travel capacity, in France and abroad
  • Be located near a national train station and/or airport
  • Active participation to the company’s project

According to the collaborator’s performance, the position will evolve into a developer’s team leader position.

What we offer

Apeiron is a spin-off from the GIS service company Oslandia. As such, it follows most of its atypical organization processes and principles. As a new company, we offer a frame and opportunity to build the future developments of Apeiron together, including the whole team of collaborators.

We offer:

  • A human-scale company, with the opportunity to contribute directly to its development
  • A flexible and collective management model
  • 100% remote work organization with a strong autonomy for collaborators for their missions and work organization
  • A dynamic and motivated team
  • Intellectually stimulating high-end technical products
  • OpenSource development for all products, upstream development impact
  • Contributions to the development and community of OpenSource applications with international visibility (QGIS, PROJ…)
  • Participation to international professional events and conferences (e.g. FOSS4G, QGIS Community meetings, IMARC…)
  • A branded steel mug that does NOT go into the microwave

Our compensation package includes:

  • French contract for French collaborators located in France or abroad, or foreigners located in France
  • Salary aligned to the current market
  • Company supplementary collective health coverage with 75% covered by the company
  • Syntec “Forfait jour” modality
  • 5 weeks paid leave and 12 resting days per year
  • Part-time allowed after initial period
  • Syntec holiday bonus
  • High-end IT gear with last generation laptop and other peripherals
  • Remote work bonus, or coworking space coverage
  • A very good work chair to take care of your back!
  • Continuous training, easy access to books and content for self-learning

How to apply

Send your complete application using our dedicated form online.

We will come back to you if your profile matches our requirements.

Our recruiting process will be presented to you during our first call. It includes multiple individual meetings with various collaborators from Apeiron and Oslandia, on technical aspects as well as soft skills. At the end of the process, we set up an onboarding plan to allow for the best welcome in our team.