Development of an Open Source drillhole visualization and editing module in QGIS

Mining industry professionals are in natural need of solutions for drillhole visualization, management, and edition.

Although several free or Open Source solutions exist on the market to partially address the need, none has propagated into common use.

In partnership with a team of mining industry leaders, Apeiron has undertaken the development of OpenLog: a fit-for-purpose high performance drillhole visualization QGIS plugin.

Looking for further details? Check out OpenLog’s documentation and repository !

How to install
  • Display time and depth domain data series
  • Combine numerical, categorical, interval types
  • Explore your data with a comprehensive suite of symbology options

  • Digitize cross-section traces freely
  • Project drillhole paths and color coded data series onto the section plane

  • Setup your collar placement more efficiently with OpenLog’s customized point grid wizard
  • Define your own local CRS to line up with relevant structures

  • Leverage the flexibility of the xplordb schema, your data is not locked behind paywalls
  • Secure you data using the latest PostgreSQL/PostGIS in a client-server configuration, or
  • Package deliverables easily with Spatialite in a single structured file
  • Either way, benefit from the improved performance and reliability of a true geospatial database

Core Imagery
  • Import core imagery files into xplordb
  • Display core imagery in log viewer

SI and Imperial units
  • Import any combination of units
  • Rescale graphs according to conversions
  • Secure data in base SI units

Color coded projections
  • Encode categorical and numerical data
  • Propagate log symbology to cross-sections
  • Support discrete and interval data

3D view
  • Display arbitrary drillhole traces
  • Propagate log and cross-section symbology
  • Set bounding box via map digitization
  • Visualize cross-section geometry
Enriched cross-sections
  • Depict multiple DTM outlines
  • Project 3D grid slices
  • Draw over cross-sections
  • Show depth markers

More 3D
  • Design multiple cross-sections
  • Render 3D grids
  • Project imagery onto sections

Advanced logs
  • Switch between Depth and Length
  • Reorder graphs freely or geographically
  • Compare with dual axis charts
  • Display complex data with ridgeline and stacked charts
  • Cross-correlate series and drillholes

Structural data support
  • Display planes and lines over bar charts and stereonets
  • Distinguish between planned and effective surveys
  • QC data on import

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